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Soupcup 2.99 bowl 4.15
Made fresh each day, so you never know what culinary splendor awaits you.

Our handmade pie shell filled with savory meats, vegetables and cheese.


House Salad
Mixed greens with carrots and grated cheese topped with our own croutons served with a slice of buttered Viking Bread and your choice of our homemade dressings: Bleu cheese, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Balsamic Vinegar, Poppy Seed, or Low-cal Zesty Tomato

Add scoop of chicken salad or tuna salad6.39

Add scoop of chicken salad or tuna salad7.99

Chicken Salad Fruit Plate7.95
Our chicken salad served on a bed of lettuce with frozen fruit salad and buttered Raisin Bread.

Sampler Plate7.95
A sampler plate of our chicken salad, tuna salad and egg salad with frozen fruit salad and buttered Raisin Bread.


Ham & Cheddar (a great choice for kids)3.95
Delicious ham and cheddar filling wrapped in homemade bread dough and baked fresh daily.

Spinach & Feta3.95
Delicious spinach and feta filling wrapped in homemade bread dough and baked fresh daily.

Turkey & Honey Dijon3.95
Delicious turkey and honey dijon filling wrapped in homemade bread dough and baked fresh daily.


Made to order on your choice of our homemade bread: Egg, Oatmeal, Viking (whole grain) or Whole Wheat

Chicken Salad5.39
Our most popular sandwich! Made daily with premium chicken tenders, celery, and Hellman’s mayonnaise.

Curry Chicken Salad5.39
A wonderful variation of our chicken salad, made with curry, red grapes and chopped pecans.

Gourmet Tuna Salad5.39
Premium white albacore tuna, cream cheese, onions, sweet red peppers and Hellman’s mayonnaise.

Egg Salad4.99
Hand-chopped eggs, relish, celery and Hellman’s mayonnaise.

Pimento Cheese5.29
Fresh grated white cheddar, pimentos, relish and Hellman’s mayonnaise.

Peanut Butter & Honey3.39
A great choice for kids!

Baguette Sandwich6.39
Ham or Turkey, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, spicy mustard and mayo served on French bread.


Corned beef, Swiss and Sauerkraut grilled on Viking bread and served with Thousand Island dressing

Philly Cheese Steak8.35
Roast beef, grilled onions, green peppers and mushrooms with melted cheddar served on French bread

Tuna Melt6.55
Gourmet tuna salad grilled with your choice of Swiss, cheddar or American cheese

Turkey Club7.49
Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo served on your choice of bread. Available hot or cold.

Chicken Quesadilla6.89
Seasoned chicken, colby jack cheese, served with salsa and sour cream

Patty Melt7.59
All-beef patty with American and cheddar cheese topped with our special sauce

Grilled Portobello8.15
Marinated portobello mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella cheese served with seasoned mayo

Bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo on your choice of toasted bread

Apple Bacon Panini7.89
Green apples, bacon, colby cheese and blue cheese served on French bread and grill-pressed

Monte Cristo8.15
Ham, turkey and cheese dipped and grilled, finished with powdered sugar and jam

French Dip8.25
Roast beef and cheddar on French bread, served with au jus


Chips (Regular and Baked)1.35
Fresh Fruit Cup2.19
Pasta Salad2.09
Frozen Fruit Cup2.19
Pickle Spear.55


Pie of the Day*3.15 (slice)
Ice Box Pie (French Silk, Key Lime, Lemon)3.39 (slice)
Slice of Cake3.09
Cookies.89 (each) / 8.95 (dozen)
Fudge Brownies1.89
Bag of Tea Cakes8.95 (four)

Check our refrigerator case for a delicious variety of gourmet brownies and bar cookies. (prices vary)

* One or more kinds of pie may be available:
Chocolate Chess Pecan, Blackberry, Apple Streusel, Rhubarb, Blueberry, Chess, Chocolate Meringue, Pecan, Peach, Cherry and occasionally, a Cream Pie.



Espresso – Straight Shots

Little Viking (8 oz.) – Small & Mighty!
Our traditional Italian Macchiato

12 oz / 16 oz / 20 oz
House Blends – freshly ground and brewed2.09 /2.35 / 2.55

Cappuccino3.09 / 3.45 / 3.79

Caffe Latte3.09 / 3.45 / 3.79

Caffe Americano2.15 / 2.45 / 2.75

Caffe Mocha3.59 / 3.79 / 4.09

Cinnamon Roll Latte3.59 / 3.89 / 4.20

Gold Rush3.59 / 3.89 / 4.20

Campfire3.59 / 3.89 / 4.20

Marble Mocha3.59 / 3.89 / 4.20

Misto (Cafe Au Lait)2.69 / 2.99 / 3.20

Scrap Iron2.69 / 2.99 / 3.20

Flavor Shot 0.55
Shot of Espresso 0.75
Breve or Soy 0.59